Need to raise money for your nonprofit group or charity? Fundraisers @ Newport Entertainment Center is not only fun but a great way to organize a group to raise money. There are plenty of options to choose from:

 Bowl-A-Thon: (Best for large groups) Bowlers get pledges from Families and Friends for either a donation or penny, nickle or dime a pin you knock down in a 2 hour span. Group rate for this is only $8 a bowler and includes all the pledge sheets for your bowlers. If 20 bowlers raised $50 each off pledges, after $8 a person paid to us you would have $840 of money raised for your group.

 Glow Bowl: (Best for smaller local groups): We split the proceeds of our glow bowl sales with the group. The group goes out and promotes the event around town and in the community. Glow bowl can be held Friday or Saturday night from 9 - Midnight. We only host 4 proceed donations a year during specific dates. We can accommodate up to 160 bowlers at one time so 160 x $5 = $800! 

Rent-A-Lane(Good to attract businesses) We will host an event where the group sells 1 hour of bowling to a company or group. All we charge is $10 for the lane. You can Sell the lane for what ever amount and keep the amount over $10. Groups have sold lanes for $30 an hour and had 20 lanes sold for a profit of $400 in just that hour. Set up a day where we can run multiple shifts and the money raised can add up fast!

Feel free to contact us about other opportunities as well. We are always willing to try new things. Our main goal is to help you raise the money for your non-profit or charity to keep amazing programs happening throughout the community!


  1. Just wondering how many bowling lanes do you have? (Couldn't find that info any where.)

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  3. Will there be any summer leagues this year?